Natural Relief Diaper Rash | Baby Skin Little One for Baby Bums

By: One Wound Care  09-12-2011

A gentle, natural, no-sting product that is safe for all areas. Little One for Baby Bums acts quickly to soothe, heal, reduce redness and relieve pain associated with diaper rash, chafing and other skin conditions. Little One for Baby Bums is a natural alcohol free and fragrance-free formula.

Little One for Baby Bums is specially formulated to eliminate the germs associated with diaper rash. Little One helps to minimize the discomfort of rashes. When rashes do appear, this natural, no sting treatment works instantly to eliminate the “ouch” from tender bottoms.

Our Little One for Baby Bum's natural formula provides parent's a safe and easy way to reduce and eliminate diaper rash and other various skin irritations that affect baby skin. 

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As the owner/operator of Mail Boxes Etc at 509 Commissioners Road W in London, he always goes out of his way to help us and always manages to make us smile in the process. This great little guy is three years old, very busy, very happy and–wise beyond his years. When Ryan was just twelve months old, his hand was badly burned on a hot iron. George Hammond is a cancer survivor and a great friend of One.


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