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By: Life Potential Developments  09-12-2011
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I like to try something out and make sure it works before I tell others about it. Are you the same way? Well, one of the early benefits I got from NLP was understanding how your eyes are connected to your brains processing ability.

And, when I benefit I want to share that benefit with others. So, let me tell you how NLP first helped me with my kids, as they were my guinea pigs – hey, don’t judge me until you hear the story;^)

My daughter was having difficulty with spelling at the time. And I was learning from NLP that most bad spellers look down and good spellers look up. This was a scientific discovery at Langley Porter Institute that is still not commonly known about, even today – outside of NLP.

When I asked my daughter to spell a word she couldn’t spell, sure enough, she was looking down.

And so I thought, why not try using this new info on eye accessing that I just learned. Everyone remembers visual images by looking up to a certain area, and spelling is a visual remembered process (what did you think it was?). So, I thought, if I  get my daughter to use the correct method for spelling,  that will solve her problem. And it did!

And as you can image, it gave quite a boost to her confidence level. And don’t you always feel good when you do something for your kids, that you know will help them in life?

Keywords: NLP

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