By: The Dock Shop  09-12-2011
Keywords: Boat, Weed Rake

At we offer a variety of services.  If you don't see one listed please contact us to inquire - chances are we can take care of your problem

  • Sales: We handle the EZ Dock floating system, along with aluminum standing docks and lifts, Swim Rafts, Slides and Water Toys. We are also the Kawartha's and area, home to The Waterfront Weed Rake and The Bridgenorth Bailer.
  • Hardware:Need deadweights, chain, pipe or most anything to fix or install a dock, check us out. If we don't have it we can get it.
  • Repairs: We do repairs to all makes. Replace decking, legs, floats or chain, move or add deadweights, we even level docks.
  • IN/ OUT Services: If you are tired of wasting your weekend, trying to line up someone to help, getting wet and cold and most of all hurting your back again this year, why not let us do it ? The Dock will remove, wash and if you want repair your dock and then replace it in the spring. Our In/Out service is a hit every year. We have customers that never see our workers. They just tell us when their boat is coming and when their boat is going out to be winterized. Our Team takes out the dock, cleans it, stacks it and gets it ready for winter. In the spring our Team puts it back and does any repairs that need to done. Because this service is such a hit, we need advanced notice to make sure that your dock will go in on time.
  • Consulting: Do you have a dock question? We may be able help. We will do on site visits.




As with a lot of old concrete docks, this one had shifted and heaved. To fix it Terry built a new wood structure with legs that can be adjusted and can be leveled easily, because the dock is going to move each winter/spring.

Keywords: Boat, Weed Rake