Shoplifting Detection And Prevention

By: Monarch Protection Svc  09-12-2011

Pilferage by customers in self-service retail stores has escalated at an alarming rate.

Contributing factors include: 

         • Limited staff coverage 
• A tough economy 
• Decline in moral values 
• A more brazen type of offender

We will assign trained investigators to observe customer activity in the sales area to detect or prevent incidents of shoplifting. Violators are apprehended and charged with an offence where applicable. Our service can also provide a restitution program for clients. 

Other products and services from Monarch Protection Svc


Covert Video Investigations

We utilize the latest technology, which can be concealed to observe activities in specific locations, such as. Selected internal theft situations require specialized tactics to identify the responsible party. The capability of watching the surveillance camera online. Saving recoding on DVD disk.


Employee Purchase Verification And Store Closing Reports

The items are inspected to ensure that all store merchandise is accompanied by the proper proof of purchase, and to insure that the items were checked through the company point of sale systems. Discreet observations will be conducted of the staff's activities, as they prepare to close the store at the conclusion of the day's business.


Investigation Services

Monarch will liaise with law enforcement agencies after consultation with the client to decide upon the appropriate course of action, as well as attend any necessary court appearances. Theft - Fraud - White Collar Crime: Our investigate incidents of cash, inventory or asset theft, fraud, embezzlement, and various forms of improper or illegal activity.


Employee Honesty Testing

Monarch operatives arrive at a store on a random basis or specified time frame to discreetly observe the employees / franchisees with their cash handling procedures. Employee Honesty testing is a measure which helps capture and determine Employee and / or Franchisee theft and under reporting of cash sales into the cash register.


Restaurants, Night Club, Bar & Lounge Services

We can offer both our Employee Honesty Testing and Customer Service Evaluations for all establishments that offer both a sit down dining experience and cash bar services. Our operatives would complete this questionnaire and provide details regarding their sit down experience. Clients may utilize these reports for training and loss prevention purposes with the company personnel.


Customer Service Evaluation Reports

The customer service evaluation report can be used in all types of industries dedicated to service and customer satisfaction. The scoring system allows the shopper to keep track of results based on varying frequency from weekly to quarterly periods. The system is also easily incorporated into company incentive programs, and we act as required for the client.