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By: Xcg  09-12-2011

XCG › Services › Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), also known as Environmental Due Diligence, is the systematic process by which it is determined whether a particular property is or may be subject to contamination.  In general, the ESA is conducted for the purpose of reducing the risks of unexpected or hidden environmental liabilities associated with the property. 

The objectives of ESA are to identify environmental impacts associated with a property and, if present, to characterize and delineate these impacts. Information and data generated during the ESA can then be used to develop remedial plans and related cost estimates. 

Completion of a Phase I ESA and/or a Phase II ESA can be required for numerous reasons including refinancing, pre-acquisition, pre-divestiture, compliance, and more recently as support for a Record of Site Condition (RSC) required as part of a rezoning or development application.

XCG Consultants has conducted over 5,000 Phase I ESA and Phase II ESA projects across Canada, the United States (over 45 States), and Mexico.  ESA projects completed by XCG are designed to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the potential current or future environmental liabilities associated with the subject property.

XCG follows recognized CSA and ASTM standards, as well as Ontario Regulation 153/04 requirements for conducting Phase I and Phase II ESAs. XCG is recognized for superior thoroughness and overall reliability of our conclusions. For this reason XCG is often asked to peer review previous ESAs completed by other consultants.

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Built on a solid foundation of senior engineering professionals, XCG offers clients from across a wide range of industry sectors, a comprehensive range of environmental consulting services. XCG was founded in 1990, today, 20 years later, with 90 professionals in 5 offices across Canada and the United States, XCG has established itself in the environmental industry.