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Dog Daycare from Wag & Train

By: Wag & Train  14-01-2011
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Wag and Train's dog daycare is what we refer to as REAL dog daycare. Dogs enjoy the full day to play with other social happy dogs in our daycare.  Our daycare is 7000sq feet with full rubber flooring for safety and comfort.  Access to outdoors is always available. Our large size and climate control complete with air exchange and Central Air Conditioning guarantees that no matter what the weather, your dog will always enjoy the full day to play.

Our staff are comprised of experienced, educated and trained individuals that carefully screen each and every dog before it is permitted to be integrated into dog daycare.  Daycare dogs are always supervised. We provide safe toys, activities and equipment for social enjoyment and mental stimulation.   For comfort we use Kuranda Beds, which are the very best in the industry.

Wag and Train is the longest running dog daycare that has invested more into its facility than any other. No one else can offer the space, the comfort, the expertise, the full day and the enjoyment that Wag & Train does.

Some people ask why we have no grassy area - The answer is simple - You can't clean the grass and dogs dig. We all know the grass wouldn't live very long with daycare dogs on it. If the grass is green - that is a sign that the outdoor area simply is not being used!  Soil harbors bacteria and parasites. so with a number of dogs enjoying the same space, care must be taken to prevent disease and infection. Wag and Train cares about your dogs and needs to ensure that the areas your dog comes into contact with can be easily disinfected and cleaned.

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