Election Night

By: Unlimitedviz  09-12-2011

The primary purpose of any election campaign is to target your supporters and ensure they vote on Election Day. In modern elections, voter data drives resource allocations and success is determined by allocating the right resources to the right locations at the right times: in colloquial terms, you want to “fish where the fish are”.

  Regardless of how successful a campaign is run, if your supporters don’t vote, you will lose. Surfacing voter information on election day is critical. All parties can access both the voters list and the individuals who cast their ballots, but there is no electronic way of collecting this data and no intuitive way to display it to campaign workers. As you can appreciate, the sheer number of polls and volunteers working those polls can overwhelm the data collection capabilities of any campaign office and as a consequence much valuable demographic data is subsequently lost.

Election Night was built to address these issues and achieve three primary goals:

1.Smart Phone and browser based data is quick and simple, promoting data capture utilization
2.Surface the data in real time on an intuitive colour coded map so workers can take action
3.Provide a long term repository for scrutinized data to compare with officially reported results in close contests and facilitate business intelligence functions downstream

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