By: Tsh/tbe  09-12-2011

TSH/TBE has the personnel and experience to handle any project from small designating jobs to large scale SUE mapping projects.  Our company has the in-house capabilities to complete all tasks involved in a SUE investigation including designating, locating and preparation of deliverables.  We have the right mix of professional engineers, field technicians and CADD technicians to efficiently and effectively complete your project.  We have experience working with all client types from small municipalities to the large metropolitan governments.

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Utility Mapping Services

Utility Designating
Our field technicians are trained on and equipped with the latest geophysical designating tools including electromagnetic pipe and cable locators, ground penetrating radar, sondes and 3D Underground Imaging equipment.  Proper use of this equipment allows us to accurately designate all types of utilities.  See below for detailed information on the different types of equipment available.

  • Electromagnetic Pipe and Cable Locators – EM locators are an important geophysical tool that are used to locate conductive utilities.  We have a variety of EM locators and a highly trained staff that know how to use the equipment.

Utility Locating – Vacuum Excavation
For locations where your project requires precise horizontal and vertical positions of existing subsurface utilities, TSH/TBE utilizes vacuum excavation equipment to safely and effectively excavate test holes.  TSH/TBE utilities air based vacuum excavation equipment which eliminates the need to haul backfill to the site and to remove the water/soil slurry that is created by water based units reducing the total time required.  Air based equipment also reduces the risk of eroding soils adjacent to the exposed utility.

Manhole and Vault Investigations – CCTV Camera
TSH/TBE’s field crews have the training and equipment to collect your asset inventory data.  Our training allows us to access confined spaces to collect pipe sized, inverts, chamber measurements and any other required information.  We also have available to our crews a Zoom Camera which can be lowered into manholes or vaults to take photos and videos which aids in information collection and condition assessments and can eliminate the need to enter the confined spaces.

Data Management – Microstation, AutoCAD and ArcGIS
TSH/TBE has the ability to process the utility information that we collect in a variety of formats.   We have expertise in AutoCAD, MicroStation as well as a variety of GIS formats that allows us to put the field data into a format that can be used by project designers, owners and asset managers.

Utility Coordination

TSH/TBE can simplify your project’s utility relocation requirements by providing a central contact for all utility relocation efforts. Our professionals steps involved in the utility relocation process including identifying the conflict, coordinating the relocation between the various stakeholders and negotiating the design adjustments.

Utility Design

TSH/TBE has the professional engineers, technicians and field personnel available to
offer a full range of utility design services. Our expertise is in the aerial and underground routing of telecommunication infrastructure. Designs are done to the applicable client, municipal and CSA standards (i.e. C22.3 No. 1-6 and C22.3 No. 7-06). We offer a diverse range of services which can be bundled together to provide a turn-key delivery or offered individually as required for a specific