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By: Sinus North America  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hydronic Heating, Hydronic Heating Components

Sinus North America | Produkte

Sinus Sinus North America offers modular systems that are of high quality, and are easy to install. Our systems would be of interest to home builders, plumbers, engineers, hydronic heating installers, and wholesalers.

Production under ISO 9001:2000

Sinus Modular Hydronic Heating Components Achieve Cost and Time Minimizations by:

  • Construction draft in a very short time
  • Quick assembly
  • Quick commissioning of the plant
  • Accurate calculation concerning costs, schedule and personnel
  • Low investment costs

High Quality Standard of the Components:

  • Industrial prefabrication by qualified skilled workers using special machinery
  • Pressure and leak tests of all constituents

Keywords: Hydronic Heating, Hydronic Heating Components