Sherman Productions

By: Sherman Productions  09-12-2011


First Things First
The first thing we like to do is sit down and talk about your needs. When we know your needs we can begin putting together a plan. When we get together I'll draw out answers to a few questions. Chief among them; what's your message and who would you like to hear it?   A question you will want to ask me is; how much will this cost? Once we have an overview of your requirements we can give you a quotation.   But that won't cost you a cent.

Then We Can Start
In some cases the starting point is a script. For that we use writers who play words like notes in a song. We also shoot documentary style productions driven by the powerful testimonials of satisfied customers. We can even do a mini-drama. It depends on you needs.

Style That Shines
But whatever style you choose it has to look and sound great. That's why we use the best cameras, lights and microphones in the hands of skilled professionals with years of experience.

The Potter's Wheel
The edit suite is where the creative juices really begin to flow. The raw footage is the clay and the editor is the potter. He massages, spins and manipulates the images, sounds and music into a production that creatively connects with the target audience you're after.

Getting it Out There
Your finished productions may be burned to a DVD for distribution, or you may want people to play it from your website. Or both. You may even want to project it off the side of a building. And you can do that too!