By: Perfect Balance Wellness Centre  31-05-2012
Keywords: alternative medicine, Pain Relief, low back pain

Lynda Keast, DOMP


Removes the underlying causeof pain

Relieves chronic pain through non-ijnvasive treatment

Helps the body adapt during pregnancy

Reduces Scars and Adhesions

Treats trauma resulting from injuries or accidents

Encourages the body to heal itself


Natural Medicine

Views the individual as a whole unite. Assesses and treats restrictions in your body tissues and systems that prevent you from functioning at optmal health.  It is Unique because it focuses on the cause of the pain and dysfunction rather than only on the symptoms.


Who can benefit:

newborns, infants, toddlers


choldren of all ages


pregnant women

people with chronic illness who have not responded to traditional therapies

adults with repetitive strain injuries


individuals with physical or mental challenges


Your Health is worth it!

Maintain your good health throughout life!

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