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By: Ontario Clean Tech  09-12-2011

What is E-Z Clean?
Isopropanol alcohol for general cleaning use. Ideal for cleaning magnetic read/write heads and print heads along with a variety of electronic equipment and surfaces. Removes oxides, debris, light oil and grease - leaving no residue.

What is E-Z Lifter?
Label adhesive remover suitable for removing label and adhesives from paper and media paths as well as rollers and optics. Suitable for use on plastics. Developed for service engineers. Effective on very stubborn adhesives.

What is E-Z-Renew?
Rubber rejuvenator and platen cleaner for removing oxides and dirt. Does not harm plastics or rubber. Leaves no residue. Dissolves light grease and oil. Will renew rollers and platens.

What is Miracle Magic?
Product designed specifically for bill validators, belts, opticals and rollers and platens. This specially formulated compound is approved for use on all surfaces in inedible product processing areas, non-processing areas, and/or exterior areas. This non-flammable, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable cleaning agent removes dirt and debris and dissolves oil and grease.

What is E-Z Mist?
All purpose general surface and cabinet cleaning solution. Suitable for removing most types of ink and dust and dirt. Anti-static properties reduce build up of dust.

What is E-Z Duster?
Non-flammable, inert, moisture free compressed gas for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of equipment. Accusol head allows strength of blast to be controlled. Extension tube for teaching confined areas. Standard valve. For use on all electronic equipment, computers, printers, and for optical cleaning.

What is E-Z Clear?
Anti-Static glass and closure cleaner for all anti-glare filters, monitors, and all glass surfaces. Anti-static properties reduce build up of dust. Also suitable for mirrors and lenses. Non-smearing, quick and easy to use.

What is E-Z Contact?
Heavy Duty cleaner degreaser, CFC-free electro contact cleaner. Fast evaporation. Safe on metal, plastic, rubber, paint, fabric and glass surfaces.

What is E-Z Lifter/HEAVY DUTY Label &
Adhesive Remover?

This NEW heavy duty formula label and adhesive remover is highly effective in removing label and adhesive residue from sensitive electronic equipment. It was especially developed for those users who require a fast-acting, controlled solution for removing difficult to heard adhesives. Effective on the most stubborn adhesives. Ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.

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