Mathematical Software Tools for the Filters Design and Synthesis

By: Matheonics Technology  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineers, Filters, scientists


FAZA is a special mathematical software tool for engineers and scientists to support the development and analysis of analog filters. This program allows users to build the transfer function of the filters that meets specifications and investigate their properties in the frequency and time domains.

FAZA is easy to use and provides the user with a clear and user-friendly graphical interface. It is a reliable tool for all professionals (engineers, scientists, technicians) related to the development of analog filters.


  • Design of low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters.
  • Butterworth, Chebyshev, Inverse Chebyshev and Elliptic approximation methods.
  • Minimum order filter that meets specification is designed.
  • Design results are submitted in graphical and numeric (text file with parameters) forms.
  • Transfer function is generated in regular and factored forms.
  • Zeroes and poles are generated.
  • Frequency and time responses: magnitude response, phase response, group delay, phase delay, step response, impulse response.
  • Build in plotter for data visualization.
  • Simple intuitive user interface.
  • Text editor built in FAZA.
  • Design results are checked to verify that they meet input specification. Text file with verification data is generated.
  • Previously designed filters can be loaded to FAZA and redesigned.

Keywords: Analog Filters, Engineers, Filters, Mathematical Software, scientists, Software Tool,

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