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By: Machteld Faas Xander  09-12-2011

Uncategorized « MFX Partners : Passionate Creative People

I sort my recycling every Monday evening and put it on the curb proudly for pickup on Tuesday morning. Well, this past Monday evening, I was sort, sort, sorting my paper from plastic and my plastic from glass and I noticed that most of my recycling is taken up by cardboard boxes. Now these take me some pretty good effort to take apart, so I got to wondering how much labour it takes to put them together and how many trees I was recycling, just on my own, each year (not to mention the millions of tons of waste they produce each year once you factor everyone else into the picture)!

When low and behold, one of my favorite sporting attire companies, Puma, is thinking about exactly the same thing!

1. Reduce cardboard use by 65%

2. Require absolutely no cardboard box assembly

3. Eliminate the need for useless tissue paper stuffing

4. Saves approximately 8,500 tons of paper

5. Conserve 20 million magajoules of electricity

6. Save 1 million litres of water

7. And reduce C02 emissions by up to 10,000 tons

Holy Moly, Batman!

But most of all … it’s one small paw print towards making this world a better place.

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So to be clear, Design Changes is an MFX-funded program that offers professional design services to small businesses and non-profit outfits—that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford the same services from a large, professional agency.


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Well, the boxes are unpacked, the Internet is up and running, and the ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign is on the door. Community «MFX Partners: Passionate Creative People. MFX has officially moved into the Tannery.