At Kars Inc. we provide reliable auto return services that you can depend on

By: Kars  09-12-2011
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At KARS Inc. we're proud to provide the following new and used automobile delivery services:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Border Crossings & Documentation
  • D elivery Package Handling
  • Exterior Car Wash As Available

We drive the shortest route possible to minimize excessive wear 'n tear on the vehicle and a quick return.

When we pick up your vehicle we provide you or your representative with an estimated time of arrival (an ETA) and a trip plan. We keep in touch with you by phone throughout the trip and update with you after crossing the borders. Kars Inc. handles all communications, paperwork and forms between you and your insurance broker including a vehicle contents affidavit and transfer agreements.

Before we start to drive, we do a vehicle circle check and look for any damage. We also do a system check and make sure that everything's operating properly under the hood. We check the oil, belts, fluid levels, heater, fan, air conditioning and the horn. We record your mileage, complete our logbook and sign off on the condition of your vehicle.

We have a daily check routine method of inspecting your vehicle. We don't eat or smoke in the vehicles. We provide safe handling of your personal documentation and all confidential information and personal documents are returned on delivery.

Whenever possible, when we arrive at the delivery location, we wash your car and then we do another full check with you or your representative to ensure that your car is delivered in the same or better condition.Where do we pick up and deliver? We will pick up and deliver your vehicle from any point, to any point within Canada and the Continental USA. We cross over all Canadian and US borders. We do not drive into Mexico.

Keywords: Car , vehicle