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By: Iris Salt Rooms  09-12-2011
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Our salt therapy room creations are the latest and the most original form of recreation of the therapeutic benefits of the sea and salt mine climates.

Salt therapy room unique micro climate is characterized by bacterial purity, ideal humidity and temperature. Use of sounds of nature and therapeutic colors provide favorable effects both on adults and children's health and mood.

Iiris generators produce dry salt aerosol in a non-stop regime, which guarantees maximum therapeutic intensity and effectiveness.

Universal automatic dry salt aerosol generator "Iiris-35" is suitable for all sizes of salt spa therapy rooms. This machine is installed on the outside wall of the salt therapy room in the neighboring room at the height of 80cm (32") above the floor. The dry salt aerosol is blown into the salt therapy room via 10cm (4") x 15cm (6") hole in the wall. Required power supply for this machine is 230V or 110V / 75Watts.

Iiris-35 generators provide options to adjust the treatment regime in the salt room according to the specific needs. For example:

  • Various sizes of salt particles.
  • Levels of energy carried by these particles.
  • Concentration of the aerosol.
  • Duration of treatment.

Iiris-35 automatic digital generators are characterized with the following data:

  • Size of pastel colored metal box of a generator is: 50cm/1.70’ (height), 40cm/15.75’ (width), 25cm/9.85’ (depth).
  • Weight 21kg/46lbs
  • Circumvolution of the crushing of salt is 8,000 – 25,000 rpm
  • Intensity of aerosol coming from the generator to the salt room varies from 10% to 100%
  • Intensity of raw salt coming from feeder to crushing instrument is
  • 0.1 to 5.0 g/min
  • Duration of the salt-therapy sessions is 10-60 min
  • Time for salt room ventilation before the sessions is 10-30 min
  • Voltage inside the generator is 12V
  • Possible outside voltages are 230V, 90V and 110V
  • Maximum power consumption of the generator is 100 W
  • Automatic power switchovers of lighting and ventilation do not exceed 1500W

Iris Dry Salt Aerosol generators are certified for electrical safety by CSA (Canadian Standard Association).

Iiris Dry Salt Aerosol Generators GMDN*code number 12712, is registered by:

  • Estonian State Agency of Medicine reference number INDT-INDI-7365.
  • Estonian Patent Office. Models: EE 00430 U1, 12.11.2003; EE2004/000008, 07.12.2004; EE 00431 U1, 09.12.2003; EE 00524 U1, 08.03.2005; D200700042, 22.05.2007; U200700059, 23.05.2007.
  • Estonian Electrical Inspection Centre reference number 9-5/90.
  • EC European Community electrical safety certification reference number EVS-EN 60204.

Performance of Iiris halo-generator is guaranteed throughout the first 36 months of its operation.

There are more than 135 "Iiris" salt therapy rooms built to date in several countries, including: Estonia; Finland; Sweden; Croatia; Latvia; Slovenia; Bolivia; Germany; Italy; Spain; Turkey; UK, Canada and the USA.

* GMDN - The Global Medical Device Nomenclature

The Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) provides the use of generic descriptors for the identification of medical devices and other Healthcare related products.
Medical Device experts from around the world (manufacturers, healthcare authorities and regulators) comply with the GMDN requirements based on the standard ISO 15225. GMDN work was mandated by the European Commission in order to provide the necessary tool to carry out many of the obligations following the implementation of the Medical Devices Directives, as well as to meet similar needs at the Global level as identified in the Global harmonization activities of GHTF by its members, notably USA (FDA), Canada, European member states, Japan, Australia and now by many other countries/regions.

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