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By: Interart  09-12-2011
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InterART provides complete restoration services provided by a seasoned, European trained artisan who has an intimate understanding of old world techniques and  traditions that are so crucial for successful restorations. 

We specialize in Boulle marquetry furniture, and other types of inlays from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Each restoration is performed utilizing the knowledge and techniques of the old masters, and whenever possible, using the same tools and materials*. Animal protein based glues are used to match the adhesives used in the original piece while respecting the deontological obligation of reversibility. 

All missing pieces are replicated in minute detail. Every piece is hand cut using the same precious woods* or other rare materials* the original piece was constructed from. When required, we will match the original engraving of the piece by imitating, as closely as possible, the style of the original engraver. Missing bronze ornaments and decorative moldings are replaced by casting new pieces, hand finishing them and gild when appropriate. 

We also handle other types of restoration work by utilizing the finest experts in their respective fields as the need arises. 

Our idea of successful restoration is when the finished piece looks like it never needed restoration in first place, but has been lovingly kept in one family for generations. 

To show that antiques can be brought back from almost complete ruin, samples of our work are supplied for your perusal. 

For more information, or if you would like to contact us, our address is: 

P.O. Box 34046
Highland Hills
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 3G2

*Due to endangered species laws, some materials can only be obtained from salvaged pieces -- thus supply is very limited, substitutes may have to be used. 

Keywords: restoration services

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Restoration Example - clock

I don't think that there is anybody in the world who would not be proud to display such a handsome piece in their home. Before the restoration, 50% of the brass inlay was missing, what was left was in bad shape. The Tortoise shell panels located on the sides of the clock were falling off. Repairs were done to the Tortoise shell and missing pieces were replaced. However, on the bright side, we did have all the original bronzes.


Restoration Example - commode

The restoration procedure is to find all the places where the veneer is loose, clean up all of the old crystallized glue and re-glue the veneer. Veneer on this mid 18th century “petite commode” was lifting everywhere with many pieces missing. This is common problem to veneered furniture.


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InterART provides insurance companies, museums, lawyers, corporate and private collectors and owners with current market valuation of submitted objects; these include single objects or inventories of contents for insurance or claim purposes, division of assets in divorce and inheritance cases and other applications.


Restoration Example - marquetry

The only way to restore the former glory of this piece was to replace all petals to make the repair appear uniform. New pieces of inlay were cut from same wood as the original, hot sand shaded and precisely fitted together. Note that we only replaced what was needed, the rest of the flower was left in its original condition. This in turn cracked the exterior veneer and as a result, pieces of inlay was lost.