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By: Igloo Software  09-12-2011

Keep your employees close, but your customers and partners closer

Times are changing. No one company can do it all or innovate fast enough by themselves. To compete, we must rely more and more upon those outside the traditional lines of the business: your customers, partners, advisors and even competitors. Together, they can represent a source of ideas and insight. And the strength of these relationships can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Social Intranet - IGLOO Software

With more and more of our colleagues scattered outside the office and around the globe, our ability to share in all directions, across departments, hierarchies, processes and locations is critical to success. No longer can we operate in silos, or collect and hoard knowledge on our PCs. Exclusivity and solitude are no longer acceptable ways to work. Turn your intranet from afterthought to asset. The walls are coming down.