Dukane Seacom Commercial Marine and Research Use Products

By: Dukane Canada  09-12-2011

Commercial Marineand Research Use Products

Seacom products are engineered to be cost effective,reliable, and provide rugged service. The UPD, DK350, and DK470 series beacons are used for marking, classification, and relocation of underwater objects. The N30A5B Underwater Locating System is used to locate an acoustic signal and then guide the operator to thesound source.

Other products and services from Dukane Canada


Dukane Projection System

All DPS systems have the following included.


Dukane Seacom Custom Applications

When specific environments require specialized products, government and military agencies throughout the world call on us for support. The following are but a few of the applications for which Dukane Seacom has designed, manufactured, and sold acoustic devices. For the past 25 years Seacom has been aleader in the production of devices for unique and demanding environments.


Overhead projectors & multimedia presentation equipment

For the times that you need overhead projectors either on the road or a presentation in a large auditorium, Dukane is there to help. You have the LCD display technology to display video, computer data, or simple transparencies with Dukane's overhead projectors. Low profile overhead projectors are part of a full line of presentation products from Dukane's Audio Visual Products Division.


LCD projectors & DLP models available from Dukane

We deliver defect-free products and services to you, with all the right requirements that you specify the first time, every time. Dukane provides simple and cost effective projection systems; yet they are built on the latest, state-of-the-art technology. On top of the high quality, Dukane Corporation has the best warranties in the business. These projection systems produce computer data and video images like no other.


Dukane Seacom Aviation Products

The Underwater Locator Beacons Model DK100, DK120, DK130 and DK140 are designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability that the Aviation Industry has come to expect. Original developer of the underwater acoustic beacon for the aviation industry, in the early 1960’s, and we continue to be the world leader and innovator in this market today.