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By: Claire Lasers  09-12-2011
Keywords: laser, Micromachining

High Power Lasers PuckLaser™ Series

The PuckLaser™ Series offers high performance DPSS lasers at an affordable price. This second generation industrial product represents a breakthrough in peak power and reliability, made possible by the SmoothPulse™ innovation. The combination of performance and affordability of the PuckLaserTM Series is enabling development of new processes, and facilitates technology access for researchers and practitioners.


The PuckLaser™ model PL-QS1064-015 is a 15 watt / 1064 nm Q-switched product ideal for marking, cutting and micromachining. Moreover, the >100 kWatt peak power opens the door to a wide array of semiconductor processing applications, such as the growing application of Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) for hard coatings.


The PuckLaser™ model PL-QS0532-007 is a 7 watt / 532 nm Q-switched product ideal for laser marking, cutting and micromachining of special polymers, as well as copper based alloyed metal such as brass and Beryllium copper alloys. In addition, the high peak power enables highly efficient semiconductor material processing, such as dicing and surface treatment; it is also amenable to the generation of UV sources at 355 and 266 nm via nonlinear optical conversion, and can also be used in application of Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) of hard coatings.

Keywords: laser, Micromachining

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The data retrieved from the manufacturing database is shown in the ClearView™ HMI for potential operator inspection; parts are then laser marked with the ClearMark™ laser marking system based on the retrieved data. The ClearView™ logistic solution from Claire Lasers is an automated data transfer platform combining part identification with the advanced ClearMark™ laser marking system.


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Designed for microscopy, spectroscopy, drug discovery and other biomedical applications, the FiberRainbow™ is specially suited to those applications which require high-performance RGB lasers in a compact package. Utilizing a simple TTL user interface for input modulation along with single-mode fiber-output, the FiberRainbow™ provides a user-friendly optical hardware interface for a wide range of illumination applications.


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This ultra-compact, high-performance instrument for in-situ laser characterization of high-power industrial Q-switched lasers has proven useful in laser processing development at SSP-ATS, to better understand laser processing used for automated production of solar cells. The BeamMeter enables in-situ characterization of pulsed lasers: Beam profile, pulse duration and pulse energy. Available in common pulsed Nd laser wavelengths.


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The LIM™ system can allow metal part manufacturers to compete effectively against companies with business models strictly based on manufacturing in countries with lower wages workers, because the Return on Investment of a LIM™ system is typically less than two-years.