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By: Claire Lasers  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Inventory Control, Laser Marking

High Power Lasers Laser-in-Motion™ Series

Fast. Agile. Simple.

The Laser-In-Motion™ (LIM™) product series from Claire Lasers is bringing cost effective laser marking solution to the Metal Forming Market. The LIM™ system replaces traditional stamping press with a laser marking system installed in-line with blanking press.

For the manufacturing business, the LIM™ solution offers numerous advantages enhancing the competitiveness of its service offering, namely:

  1. The LIM™ system reduces cost of labelling metal parts, by replacing slow and manpower intensive press stamping with an automated, computer controlled laser marking in-line with the blanking press. It also reduces tooling and setup cost by replacing stamping dies with computer files for the laser marker. These files can be produced and managed automatically with our software.
  2. The LIM™ system enables parts serialization and barcode marking; these features are impractical with mark stamping, and furthermore are conducive to computer controlled inventory management, a crucial feature for fully deployed JIT manufacturing. This is foreseen as the most valuable enabling feature for our customers, and the customers of our customers, as inventory control of supply chain is a major key to profitability in the advanced manufacturing sector.
  3. The LIM™ system can allow metal part manufacturers to compete effectively against companies with business models strictly based on manufacturing in countries with lower wages workers, because the Return on Investment (ROI) of a LIM™ system is typically less than two-years. With increasing competition from lower manpower cost in Asia and South and Central America in a global market, and increasing manpower cost in the Western World, the need for cost- effective, flexible and cleverly simple automation has never been so great.

The LIM™ system opens a whole realm of new possibilities compared to the regular operation of stamping press. Implementation of the LIM™ system in your business is the start of your clear manufacturing advantage.

Keywords: Inventory Control, Laser Marking, Laser Marking System, Marking System, supply chain

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Claire Lasers Corporation, laser products and laser systems - puck

The PuckLaser™ model PL-QS0532-007 is a 7 watt / 532 nm Q-switched product ideal for laser marking, cutting and micromachining of special polymers, as well as copper based alloyed metal such as brass and Beryllium copper alloys. Moreover, the>100 kWatt peak power opens the door to a wide array of semiconductor processing applications, such as the growing application of Pulsed Laser Deposition for hard coatings.


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The data retrieved from the manufacturing database is shown in the ClearView™ HMI for potential operator inspection; parts are then laser marked with the ClearMark™ laser marking system based on the retrieved data. The ClearView™ logistic solution from Claire Lasers is an automated data transfer platform combining part identification with the advanced ClearMark™ laser marking system.


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Designed for microscopy, spectroscopy, drug discovery and other biomedical applications, the FiberRainbow™ is specially suited to those applications which require high-performance RGB lasers in a compact package. Utilizing a simple TTL user interface for input modulation along with single-mode fiber-output, the FiberRainbow™ provides a user-friendly optical hardware interface for a wide range of illumination applications.


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This ultra-compact, high-performance instrument for in-situ laser characterization of high-power industrial Q-switched lasers has proven useful in laser processing development at SSP-ATS, to better understand laser processing used for automated production of solar cells. The BeamMeter enables in-situ characterization of pulsed lasers: Beam profile, pulse duration and pulse energy. Available in common pulsed Nd laser wavelengths.