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By: Claire Lasers  09-12-2011
Keywords: Laser Marking, Marking System, Laser Marking System

High Power Lasers ClearView™ Solution

The ClearView™ logistic solution from Claire Lasers is an automated data transfer platform combining part identification with the advanced ClearMark™ laser marking system. It is designed to maximize the efficiency of your just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing practice.

ClearView™ automates communication between the customer's manufacturing database and ClearMark™ laser marking system. This communication is triggered by an operator scanning a work order barcode, or some other digital communication means (1). The data retrieved from the manufacturing database (2) is shown in the ClearView™ HMI for potential operator inspection (3); parts are then laser marked with the ClearMark™ laser marking system based on the retrieved data (4).

The ClearView™/ClearMark™ tandem provides a greater flexibility in the production process adapted to changes in supply and demand. Moreover laser marking the incoming inventory with unique identifier enables real-time inventory control.

Keywords: Laser Marking, Laser Marking System, Marking System

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The PuckLaser™ model PL-QS0532-007 is a 7 watt / 532 nm Q-switched product ideal for laser marking, cutting and micromachining of special polymers, as well as copper based alloyed metal such as brass and Beryllium copper alloys. Moreover, the>100 kWatt peak power opens the door to a wide array of semiconductor processing applications, such as the growing application of Pulsed Laser Deposition for hard coatings.


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Designed for microscopy, spectroscopy, drug discovery and other biomedical applications, the FiberRainbow™ is specially suited to those applications which require high-performance RGB lasers in a compact package. Utilizing a simple TTL user interface for input modulation along with single-mode fiber-output, the FiberRainbow™ provides a user-friendly optical hardware interface for a wide range of illumination applications.


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This ultra-compact, high-performance instrument for in-situ laser characterization of high-power industrial Q-switched lasers has proven useful in laser processing development at SSP-ATS, to better understand laser processing used for automated production of solar cells. The BeamMeter enables in-situ characterization of pulsed lasers: Beam profile, pulse duration and pulse energy. Available in common pulsed Nd laser wavelengths.


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The LIM™ system can allow metal part manufacturers to compete effectively against companies with business models strictly based on manufacturing in countries with lower wages workers, because the Return on Investment of a LIM™ system is typically less than two-years.