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By: Chromodynamics  09-12-2011

No two applications are the same; no two customers are the same. We work closely with our customers' scientists and engineers to help them design state-of-the-art solutions.

At Gooch & Housego we carry out all areas of critical production in-house, from material selection to final assembly and testing. Our thin-film coating facilities produce superior quality optical surfaces with unsurpassed damage threshold.

At the cornerstone of our operations is a willingness to take on unusual or demanding projects and provide one-off bespoke solutions and prototyping. This is coupled with volume manufacturing capacity and highly developed quality assurance systems.  Rigorous inspection is enforced at all stages of manufacture to ensure that only the highest quality product is shipped.

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Gooch & Housego is an industry leader in precision optical components and sub-assemblies, as well as research-grade light measurement instrumentation and services. Global sales representative in your region and product range-specific Product Managers stand ready to assist you with finding the ideal solution for your needs.


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The facility specializes in the manufacture of narrow band and wide band high reflector coatings, as well as the design and production of a variety of high damage threshold coating for laser applications. In addition to custom OEM optics, the Moorepark, CA location has a coating facility that is capable of depositing a variety of customer-specified optical thin films.


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A Pockels cell alters the polarization state of light passing through it when an applied voltage induces birefringence changes in an electro-optic crystal such as KD*P and BBO. Frequently, Q-switches are employed in laser cavities for the purpose of shortening the output pulse, resulting in a light beam with enhanced peak intensity. When used in conjunction with polarizers, these cells can function as optical switches, or laser Q-switches.


OL 731 USB Smart Detector

The OL 731 USB Smart Detector is a low-cost, hand-held radiometer/photometer that can be tailored to the spectral response of the user’s specific application requirements with the use of a range of sensors and filters. OEM product process control, display testing and optimization, QC, UV curing, photoresist exposure, illuminance measurement, irradiance measurement, LED intensity measurement.