Homeopathic Medicine

By: Carla Beharry Homeopathy  17-07-2012
Keywords: alternative medicine, natural medicine, Holistic Medicine

Carla Beharry, DSHM is a homeopath practicing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Homeopathy, as developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800’s, is a powerful and scientific system of medicine that stimulates the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. Homeopathic medicine is built on the premise that the human body is intelligent, vital, intuitive, and is capable of producing symptoms when exposed to a noxious substance or when subjected to mental, emotional, or physical adversity. It is understood that symptoms arise for two reasons: as warning signs that the body is out of balance; and, as an indication of the innate healing capability of the body, as it searches for an attempt to cure. All symptoms displayed by the body are taken into account in homeopathy; the body is wise & all symptoms are believed to be part of the body’s effort to heal. Homeopathic medicine is considered to be a whole-body medicine. It is believed that no one organ of the body can be sick, without affecting the person as a whole.

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