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By: Buyers & Advertisers Resource Glossary C/o Kw Infonet  09-12-2011

Our agency partners typically have world class talent in house, but may occasionally become involved in a project or pitch that requires senior technology resources to provide consulting services during the pitch or execution phase of a project.

Venuiti has senior level resources holding multiple advanced degrees who can seamlessly integrate to your team and give your agency the necessary technical capabilities for the task at hand. Our professional team members speak your language, are schooled in ‘agency life’ and can present themselves as part of your core team or as an outside consultant depending on your preference.

Our team members can be dispatched to your location anywhere in North America as needed. Contact us without any obligations 866-819-9155 to see how we can help you meet your goals.

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Numerous factors can affect project schedules and plans and sometimes our clients need to engage a team to finish a project on very short notice. Not everything goes smoothly in the digital world and we have substantial experience in helping clients when they are in a tight spot. Client’s development team has underestimated the effort needed and is risking missing a deadline.


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Using an existing platform the cost of entry, total cost of investment and return on investment can be easily tracked allowing costs to be minimized and the return on investment to be maximized. Our marketing platform facilitates the creative process allowing campaigns to deployed using simple HTML but also other technologies such as FLASH or KIOSKS all from one unified location.


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This is where Venuiti comes in – by providing world class technology solutions to empower their ideas, agencies benefit by having worry free access to the best technology to make their creative vision real. Based in Waterloo, Ontario – “Canada’s Silicon Valley” - within minutes of our office are the world headquarters of RIM and many other technology giants such as Google have local offices in Waterloo.