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By: Bio Smart  09-12-2011
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Biological Waste Treatment

BIOFILTERS Biosmart has perfected the operational parameters of the basic biofilter. We have tweaked a basic unit mechanically for operational efficiency but the real strength is the enzyme system we seed it with and our special filler material Our biofilters are second to nobody and our BOD – COD breakdown is very fast. Useful for the breakdown of any organic functional group except PCB’s.


Three special products have been formulated to get this job done quickly.

Biosafe 60 Broad spectrum hydrocarbon degrader with a special appetite for #4, #5 and #6 fuels, the best choice for basic soil remediation where tanks have been removed. Very effective when used in a Biopile.

Biosafe 70 Specially designed for toluene, benzene, naphthalene, C10 to C17 aliphatics as found in diesel fuels.

Biosafe 80 Designed for the environmentally persistent components of gasoline.

Renewable Fuel

BIODIESEL MACHINE We really like the simplicity of 1,2,3 so we distribute our own modified version with some serious chemcraft-meccano tweaking. High volumes of Biodiesel can be turned out with minimal effort. Supplies of everything needed to make an ASTM product make Biosmart a single source supplier.

Cleaning Products

Biosafe GARAGE Two component system that degreases auto shop floors then biodegrades the residue into eco-friendly by products. No more odour from those holding pits.

Biosafe 20 CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANER With bioremediation that removes organic stains and odours from a large variety of household materials. Very useful for carpets with sewage spills.

Biosafe 25 CLEANER – DEGREASER A proprietary blend of surfactants and biostimulants that quickly remove oils and greases from metals. A very effective ecologically sound varsol replacement for parts washers.

BioDet AR-5 SLUDGE DESCALER with BIOREMEDIATION This amazing product removes sludge and scales fast and is reusable over and over as the enzyme system hauls away oxygen for free. No fumes or corrosion just a cost effective alternative to hot nitric acid.

Drain Cleaner

Biosafe 2 24 HOUR PLUMBER This amazing liquid is the most advanced drain treatment available. An all natural enzyme system with a tenacious appetite for organic matter. Starts work immediately and keeps eating the fats, oils and greases that make drains run slow.

Fat, Oil and Grease Solutions

Biosafe 43 INDUSTRIAL GREASE DIGESTER For use in waste treatment plants and food processing industries. Keeps pumps, pipes and pits free from fat buildup, a most excellent preventive maintenance plan and a dry material.

Biosafe 3 FOG DEGRADER This liquid degrades food fats and grease while oxidizing H2S odour in wet wells, grease traps, waste loading areas with increased fatty acid paper and starch digestion. Perfect solution for restaurants to keep drains flowing.

Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatments

Biosafe 70 GENERAL WASTE DEGRADER Lagoons, municipal plants etc. Reduce sludge by 30 – 50%, reduced haulage and no odour while organix are being degraded naturally.

Biosafe 71 COLD WEATHER WASTE DEGRADER Same as above but functions from 40F and above. Contains leaf decay under ice enzyme system

Biosafe 72 PHENOL Degrades the phenol aromatic ring and substitutions

Biosafe 74 COMPOST Our best compost accelerant which will give you garden ready mulch in 30 days if kept moist enough

Biosafe 76 KETONE Thrives off the C=O functional group

Biosafe 77 NOCARDIA Degrades foam caused by filamentous organisms

Biosafe 78 ETHYLENE GLYCOL Quickly degrades these di-alcohols regardless of the number of carbons between them

Manure Solutions

Biosafe 4 MANURE ONE Liquid treatment stops manure odour with a two step enzyme system. The first one oxidizes the H2S to sulphate and the second one turns the ammonia into nitrate.

Biosafe 6 SEPTIC DOCTOR The enzymes in this formula are eating machines, whose sole purpose is to decompose and digest organic matter. They convert the absorbed liquids into harmless gasses and water, eliminate accumulated sludge, neutralize toxic elements, stop odours and backup of waste. They digests grease, paper and solids and reduce the risk of replacing septic field system

Biosafe 8 MANURE TWO This is a dry manure liquefier – degrader to be used where hay and bedding are in the pile. This formula degrades both while stopping all odours

Odour Elimination

Biosafe 4 ODOUR This is our most popular odour ender with a multifaceted enzyme system that sulphates the H2S and nitrates the ammonia

Biosafe 12 LANDFILL Super concentrated odour control for landfills, waste lagoons and food processors. Formula also has biosurfactant and liquid oxygen which enables it to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, H2S, NH3 and a wide variety of fatty acids. This is our very best odour eliminating formula of very high concentration

Biosafe 14 EXTREME H2S A dry blend that offers an extreme control of H2S and most mercaptans and thiols while degrading wastes quickly. This is our best and strongest solution for H2S

Solvent Replacements

Biosafe 30 VARSOL REPLACEMENT For degreasing of metal parts by spray or soak. Can be diluted 6:1 with water and is 100% biodegradable. Useful for tar, cosmoline and adhesives. Non flammable and non ozone depleting

Biosafe 31 MEK REPLACEMENT For extra tough cleaning jobs with all the features of Biosafe 30 yet removes the toughest depositions in an eco-friendly manner.


LIQUID OXYGEN This liquid is a concentrated blend of heavily oxygenated inorganix, amino acids, purines and micronutrients. Kick starts Biosmart formulas and adds oxygen to the environment. See the movie The Abyss to see divers breathing a similar liquid. Helps to make and maintain waste treatment applications aerobic. BIOACCELERATOR - 54 This rapidly absorbed powdered nutrient supplement is designed to enhance enzyme metabolism by supplying micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. Gives systems a balanced diet rather than just NPK and carbohydrates.

BIOACCELERATOR - 54 This rapidly absorbed powdered nutrient supplement is designed to enhance enzyme metabolism by supplying micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. Gives systems a balanced diet rather than just NPK and carbohydrates 

Agricultural Growth Enhancers

EARTHWORM CASTINGS Red worms are fed a strict diet of nutritious protein building organix. They produce odourless, coffee grounds like particles which contain valuable nutrients and are DNA building blocks etc. This material is a realistic alternative to NPK fertilizers.

GARDEN BOOSTER Humates, Mycorrhizae, vitamins, minerals and numerous other compost tea extracts make this rich brown liquid ideal for super plants. Attracts earthworms and bacteria which help rebuild damaged soils and increases nutrient intake to plants to make lush colourful foliage.

“Using nature to heal itself is a gentle yet powerful way to treat a disturbed ecosystem”.

Dr. Edward Petermann

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