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By: Aquarianage  09-12-2011

All material in the AquarianAge site is protected by copyright. Material contributed by participating astrologers remains the property of those astrologers. Material not specifically copyrighted by any one participant is protected by the general copyright of the site and that copyright is held by caretaker of the site. The AquarianAge site itself, including its emblems, symbols and de facto trademarks are Copyright (c) 1995--1999 by Bryan Trussler. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint or republish portions of the material at this site must be sought from the caretaker, who shall then confer with the respective authors. And, yes, we really *do* mean all this! :-)

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AquarianAge is, in fact, the only site on the Internet known to us that does successfully combine these two themes and we are successful because we exclude the Fringe of New Age consciousness -- no aliens, no abductions, nothing without credible foundations. These sites are either pure entertainment or else represent some speculative venture by AquarianAge.


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The AstroWeb URL was published on the Astrology Festival mailing list during the wee hours of the morning, just past the Star of David transit. AquarianAge is awarded a Gold Medal in the Internet 1996 World Exposition. 24 Sept 1997: We set another site record today: 822 visitors in one day. Uploaded all 144 Sun-sign combination pages into the Romance Area. AquarianAge welcomed its 250000th visitor sometime early today.