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By: Able-one  09-12-2011
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Whether you are a small business, or large-scale enterprise with complex data centre demands, Able-One delivers best-of-breed solutions to meet current and long-term business needs.

Using the right technology, you can improve existing infrastructure and scale for growth. With expert insights and sound perspective, Able-One can prepare a holistic view of your infrastructure, identify what you need to do to plan for changes, and then implement them successfully. Alternatively, if you already have a viable plan, then we can provide supplemental assistance to implement it.

Technological advancements, the need to contain rising costs, and the push for 'green' IT, are driving the move towards server consolidation, along with application and hardware upgrades – all of which can lower your costs of ownership and reduce business risk.  Through proper assessment and blue-print development, we can shape a robust, cost-efficient infrastructure to support your business operations. Able-One has helped hundreds of customers consolidate and upgrade their data centres.

If you’re struggling with budgets to keep pace with technology and secure qualified staff to maintain it, consider Managed Services. Managed Services can reduce cost of ownership and improve budget planning while giving you access to sophisticated network technologies, improved network availability, rapid service deployment and 24/7 support. Financially stable and reliable, Able-One offers:

  • Compatible business model and network services
  • Tailored approach so that you only pay for the services you need to outsource; the costs are not  bloated by services you can manage in-house
  • Expert professional and operational services
  • Secure, continuous coverage of all your network resources
  • Endorsement from over a dozen satisfied customers using our managed services

Computer systems contain irreplaceable data critical to the operation of any business.  By examining key business processes and mapping them to underlying IT systems and infrastructure, Able-One’s experts can formulate that crucial business continuity/disaster recovery plan to ensure continuous availability and rapid data recovery. Some of the means by which we achieve this include: ensuring on and off site backups; implementing the latest tools and technology for replication of data, disk protection, surge protection, UPS, anti-virus and security; and setting up standby systems.

    • Continuous availability
    • Rapid data recovery
    • Backup and restore
    • SOX compliance
    • Government regulations
    • Business demands
    • RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

  • Implement IP telephony and softphones
  • Set up voice, video and web-conferencing
  • Expand instant messaging (IM) solutions for multiple communications

IT security is vital to you and your customers. Failure to consider the many issues involved and to manage the organizational risks can seriously harm a business.  Able-One’s security experts can help you navigate the complexities of IT security by advising you on the factors to consider, explaining the resources and services available, and matching those resources and services to the specific needs of your organization to:

  • Shield data and intellectual property
  • Prevent unauthorized access and use of data
  • Reduce system failures
  • Protect equipment, facilities, and services
  • Enforce company policies regarding usage
  • Comply with regulations – privacy, SOX, PIPEDA and HIPAA, corporate governance, etc.

Keywords: managed services

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Able-One Systems Inc. - Services

To ensure seamless delivery of our IT solutions, Able-One’s Solution Services team sees to each step of a project: design, development, implementation, support and maintenance. This team includes an accredited professional services organization with senior-level storage, virtualization and backup specialists, as well as a Managed Services group. Leading the project design and initial client relationship, our Architecture Team focuses on.