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By: Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching  07-09-2011
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Are You Ready to Let Go of Struggling to Get Clients and Eliminate Competition so That You Can Transform Your Business into a Lucrative, Enjoyable Venture...that Easily Generates Significantly More Income?

Are you…
¨ someone who knows
people need your service, product or program but struggle with filling your courses, teleseminars or workshops?
¨ tired of seeing the glazed over look people get when you are trying to explain what you do?
afraid that by specializing, you will offend someone or ignore people that you know you can help?
committed to growing your business, but cannot take on more work?
¨ starting to realize that the future of your business will always be limited unless you figure out how to quickly and easily attract more clients into your programs, courses or workshops, plus sell more of your products?

I've Learned a Simple Formula to Accurately Select the RIGHT Niche so That You Can Market Less, Fill Your Programs, Courses and Workshops Faster, and Sell More of Your Products While Being Powerfully Authentic to Yourself. If You’re up For it, I’d Like to Share It With You!

This PROGRAM is for YOU whether you are brand new in business or you already have clients. Here is some of what we’ll cover;
¨ The 5 HOTTEST niches that people are hungry for in this economy (not to worry, you don't need to change the basics of what you do, just how you POSITION your services so you appeal to the new needs of lucrative audiences everywhere)
¨which niches are NOT easy to sell right now (no need to waste your time)
¨ how trying to please everyone will likely leave you broke, frustrated and potentially out of business (you’ll finally have permission to focus on only the people you're best meant to help)
¨ the one simple warning sign that signals if the niche you THOUGHT you had is really a dead-end (ignoring this could prove FATAL to your business)
¨3 easy steps to choosing a niche that is authentic AND lucrative (this is so simple you'll wish you had learned this ages ago!)
¨ how to quickly and respectfully shift from your old niche into a new one, without upsetting clients or colleagues

Is This VIP Day Right For You?

The Niche Breakthrough Secrets VIP Day is for every woman who wants to attract and keep more ideal clients, fill her programs, courses and workshops faster, plus generate more sales of her products and services.

This VIP will benefit you whether you're already in business for yourself or are thinking about starting a business. Even seasoned entrepreneurs need to re-focus their niche at least once per year. Failing to do so means you’re playing roulette with your business, when instead you could be attracting and keeping the right kinds of clients, referrals, joint venture opportunities and more. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to stop playing roulette with your business and start attracting and keeping the right kinds of clients, referrals and other business building opportunities?

If you don't master your niche now, you are sabotaging your chances for success. Your niche is surprisingly easy to master once you know the secret process to do it successfully. Making and keeping more is within reach of even the smallest or newest woman entrepreneur. In The Niche Breakthrough Secrets VIP I'll teach you how!

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