A Simple System to Craft Your Irrestible Brand that Effortlessly Attracts You IDEAL Clients VIP Day

By: Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching  13-07-2011


Finally Get Your Message Seen and Heard With Your Signature Brand That Effortlessly Attracts High-Profile Attention, Lucrative Opportunities And A Steady Stream Of Your Ideal, High-Paying Clients!


From the desk of Lisa J Fraser                                                                                          

Marketing and Money Mindset Business Coach

Kitchener, ON



Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


Hi!  I am Lisa Fraser, and as one of Kendall SummerHawk’s small group of elite Money, Marketing and Soul(R)  Business Coaches, I have the privilege of being authorized to share my own version of the proven Branding With

Archetypes(R) system with you.  My private virtual half-day VIP intensive was designed to ensure that you walk away with your signature brand that conveys what you are truly about and the valuable results you deliver!

You get same day results!





What is an archetype and why should you care?


Archetypes are universal, mythic characters that everyone can relate to because they symbolize our core human desires and evoke strong, deep emotions. Archetypes give you a highly creative yet structured way to create a brand rich with emotion that’s authentic for YOU.

Your Brand Archetype magically captures the spirit, personality and passion of you and what you do, giving you freedom and permission to integrate your authentic personality into your marketing. (This is the part of you that many biz owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back.) Your archetype unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that is a client attraction and opportunity magnet.



Does this sound familiar?

Lost in the crowd trying to distinguish yourself from everyone else in your market

~  Struggling trying to choose or define your niche?

Have no clear answer that conveys who you are and the incredible results that you deliver when someone asks what you do?

~  Blindly implementing marketing strategies because “you’re supposed to”…but they don’t feel right or even work for you?


You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do, and yet the clients (and income) still haven’t shown up and you’re sick and tired of making changes and trying to figure out what’s wrong!

It’s okay – this is not your fault!  There are so many conflicting messages out there and “gurus” that claim to have the best marketing method.  The problem is that unless you are crystal clear about who you are, your core message and what makes what you offer truly unique, none of these methods will work.


Imagine if you could easily attract the right clients by simply stepping into your most authentic version of…YOU!


Imagine if the following were true in your business…  

You are THE go-to person in your field. The powerful leaders you have long admired in your industry look to you for partnerships as you are a highly sought-after expert.

~  You love marketing!  So much so that your newsletters, sales letters and key marketing materials are easy and a joy to create because you have the right words and phrases at your fingertips.

~  Finally, you are free to share your special gifts in a joyful, easy way.

~  More and more clients that YOU want to work with (and are happy to pay for the value you deliver) keep showing up and the money continues to pour in, making your business a success on so many levels!


Best of all, your business reflects who you truly are and your special gifts. You know you’re having a big impact because the clients keep coming and the money continues to pour in, making your business a true money-and-soul success!

Instead of looking at the entrepreneurs that have achieved this already and wondering how they do it, YOU can be that entrepreneur!


If the topic of branding confuses you, don’t worry, you’re not alone!  To tell you the truth, there are only a few things you need to know…

~  A brand is definitely NOT just for big corporations… it’s for small business owners like you. Every business owner can use branding to raise their visibility, create enormous credibility and consistently attract ideal, high-paying clients.

Your brand is NOT a niche… and it’s definitely not an elevator speech or USP!

Your brand is NOT your logo and tag line. They are the finishing touches





You will discover…

~  How to step into a whole new level of expert status, authenticity and results in your business using the power of your brand.

~  How to create impactful, authentic marketing that creates consistent results… almost effortlessly!

~  How to make it super easy for people to understand and “get” who you are and what you do

~  How to leverage your brand to increase your fees and attract high-paying clients (who won’t even flinch at the new number!)

~  How to turn your expertise, heart and soul into signature products and programs that free up your time and create new streams of income for you

How to use your brand to coach yourself past tough spots and blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating situations

~  Specific words to use and feelings to evoke in your marketing so that your brand stays consistent and memorable

~  Examples of successful companies who share your Brand Archetype, so you’ll have powerful models to follow

The gifts, strengths, challenges and Spiritual Contract of your Brand Archetype

~  And much more!


You’ll be amazed at the stunning accuracy of this system…. and how quickly your brand takes shape. And because your Brand Archetype gets to the heart and soul of who you are, you’ll also gain another level understanding of yourself.

Even if you already have a brand you’re happy with, this system will reveal vital tweaks that can dramatically boost your sales, client leads and the quality of those leads. (I myself have seen my client numbers skyrocket after implementing just a few changes.)

Best of all, you’ll LOVE how easy and how much fun we will have with this unique process!


                                                    ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~


I am certain this breakthrough-rich program will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

In all honesty, I had a difficult time setting the investment for this VIP.  With the income and opportunities presented when you have a compelling, magnetic brand, you will earn back your investment extremely quickly over and over again.

Your investment in yourself (and your business) through me will provide you with so much value you’ll think I am crazy, but I also want to help make this decision a no-brainer for you. That's why your investment is extremely modest and includes everything you've read about on this page.

Please allow me to take any worry and hesitation off your shoulders with my…



                                        “Rock Your Irresistible Brand" Guarantee

I invite you to register for this intensive with confidence and join me for the ENTIRE VIP Intensive. Complete your personalized assessment, step through every exercise with me, and walk away with your money-making signature brand that you can implement in your business immediately. 

Then, if for any reason you're not completely thrilled with this program, just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your money out of my own pocket.



Why am I making such a bold guarantee?  My Simple System to Craft Your Irresistible Brand that Effortlessly Attracts Your IDEAL Clients VIP has the power to completely transform your business immediately.  

I'm confident that you will not ask for your money back, but if for some reason you do, I will gladly refund your investment out of my own pocket, no hard feelings!


                                                                   ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~





Here’s What You Get With Your VIP Intensive…


~ Your personalized Branding With Archetypes(R)  Assessment to reveal your Archetypes

~  I’ll personally walk you through the process, step-by-step.  By the end of the day, you’ll have your own authentic magnetic brand so you stand heads above the crowd!

~  I’ll show you how to use what you discover to make your business more profitable and much more fun.

~  Expert coaching and my personal support as you create your Signature Brand.

~ Set of gorgeous Branding With Archetypes(R)  Cards & Branding Wheel that beautifully illustrate the qualities, strengths, Spiritual Contract and specific language of your Brand Archetype

~  A coach who cares deeply about YOU and your business success

~  SO much more



BONUS:   Done-for-you scripts and templates so you can create your personal magnetic brand that clearly conveys what you are all about and the incredible results that you deliver.


BONUS: 30 minute laser coaching call within one week of your VIP experience to review your Signature Brand and answer any questions that come up for you.



As one of only a handful of coaches in the world authorized to teach this one-of-a-kind system, I am fully committed to you and your success! I’ll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and there will be plenty of opportunities for coaching. 


Feel free to call (519) 570-3354 or email info@LisaJFraser.com with any questions you may have and to arrange your VIP experience. This is YOUR opportunity to create an immediate brand result for your business.


With gratitude and to your phenomenal success,


Lisa J Fraser

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