By: The Jeremiah Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: team development

Strategic planning uses a linear approach to thinking and planning. As a result, strategic planning can no longer keep up with the accelerating speed of change that affects us all. Instead, we use a ‘non-linear’ approach to defining an organization’s ambition and longer-term planning, which anticipates and capitalizes on change. It is called Visionary Thinking & Planning. We then help our client integrate that planning with on-going operations. We customize the approach to our client’s particular needs and their unique starting point. We can incorporate consulting capabilities (innovation, supply chain management, merger & acquisition, etc.) according to our client’s wishes.

Using professional assessment materials and focused interviewing, our client is provided objective insights to his/her “key qualities and tendencies.” With that objective insight, we help our client determine exactly how he/she can maximize longer-term personal and professional potential, while achieving maximum effectiveness in his/her present role. Particular attention is given to achieving desired results by being effectively interdependent with others. This process is a truly powerful tool for the “C” level, the executive level, and the ‘fast track’ individuals. The process is non-threatening and, in an objective fashion, is both critical and affirming. It provides a compelling basis for targeted skills development, effective coaching, and positive change using a data rational understanding of cause and effect. This body of work, for the individual, is a life-long career planning and professional effectiveness tool.

We help leaders clearly state their organization’s ambition and then objectively examine the systemic factors [people, processes, systems, and resources] that will either impede or uniquely enable their organization to realize that ambition. True strengths, weaknesses, and potential gaps will be defined for achieving that ambition, in the context of market-facing trends, technology, and other factors. We guide leadership teams toward defining their organization’s unique assets, both tangible and intangible, and to operationally deploy and leverage those assets in ways that will assure satisfactory short-term operational performance, while making impressive progress toward the stated ambition and goals.

Developing any group of individuals into a true team is to reach and exceed the point where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. Team development is a process through which we lead people to become more effective work groups (process and personalities), both from their own individual perspectives, as well as from the perspective of the organization. It is a powerful and proven way to get much more team productivity and confidence while building a basis of self-management that promotes on-going growth and accomplishment.

Our teambuilding process is always coupled with facilitating the team’s resolving a high impact challenge to the organization and achieving necessary results.

We provide retainer-based search that focuses on executive, mid-management, and professional searches for our client organizations. Our search process has been proven time and again. Critical to our success is that we gain a good knowledge of our client’s business, his/her corporate culture, and the work styles of key management individuals. We quickly and efficiently identify top candidates who can best meet the needs of the organization and evaluate all present and new candidates so as to assure the “best fit to the organization and the job.” Our success is measured by our consistent ability to assist our clients in building an outstanding management team and professional staff.

We also offer our candidate evaluation capability independent of our retained search service. If a client wishes to develop their own pool of qualified candidates and has determined a candidate or candidates who are finalists, we will complete a candidate evaluation that will be a highly accurate predictive indicator of the candidate’s success in the role and the organization. The evaluation also will produce highly focused and pertinent questions to be answered when checking the candidate’s references. And finally, the evaluation will be the basis for an on-boarding plan that will help the candidate get traction and make contributions quickly in their new role.

We offer a broad range of services that we tailor precisely to each client’s needs. Our services are offered to individuals who, for a variety of reasons, must make a transition from one work situation to another. Our assistance includes:
1. A complete professional developmental portfolio for the individual, from which he/she can access critical information for determining a best set of personal goals and tactics for their career transition plan.
2. A breadth and depth of knowledge about organization, networking, role requirements, characteristics, and job opportunity development that covers an extensive range of career strategy options; domestically, internationally, private sector, public sector, new business start ups, consulting, purchasing companies, etc.

When a college student is in his/her junior or senior year of college, it is time to set a plan in motion for deciding what happens after graduation and how. Questions need to be answered that have never before been asked: What type of career options am I best suited to? Should I go into the working world immediately after graduation or would graduate school be a more sensible option. How do I make the right choices that are best suited to me and the person I am? How do I find opportunities that will best fit my choices? How do I make myself visible to those opportunities? How can I do a winning interview?

We have often been asked to do this work by a client, with whom we have done executive assessment and development and who is the parent of a college aged son or daughter. They anticipated that doing a version of the executive assessment would be very timely and helpful to his/her college aged son or daughter. And they were right. As a result, we have been helping college students move quickly and confidently to the right step following graduation since 2002. 

Keywords: team development