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By: Sparq Systems  09-12-2011

SPARQ’s products

SPARQ’s novel solar microinverters increase the efficiency and life of photovoltaic (PV) systems, lower the cost  of ownership, and offer flexible plug-and-play  installation. They enable a best-in-class return on investment in grid-connected PV systems.
SPARQ’s  smarter, ultra-reliable microinverter technology is built with longer-lasting hardware components driven by advanced software-based algorithms. This allows SPARQ to offer an industry-leading  25-year warranty.
PV systems incorporating SPARQ microinverters produce maximum energy harvest, and demonstrate optimal performance in snow, dust and shade conditions.  Auto-grid configurable world-wide, they  allow per-module monitoring via power line communication and feature the smallest size, lightest weight, lowest cost and highest reliability.