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By: Sacred Journeys  09-12-2011
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EFT techniques have been described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology in this century.

Emotions cause disruptions in the body’s energy pathways or meridians  like a beaver dam which causes restrictions in the flow of water. Emotions change, restrict or stop the natural flow of energy within the body.

The quality of someone’s life is directly related to their emotional health. Unresolved emotional trauma underlies most disease. By removing that layer, healing becomes possible.

EFT is done by tapping with the fingertips at the end of the body’s energy meridians together with a carefully crafted statement to trigger a healing response.

This technique works to identify the emotional root of your problem and to resolve it quickly. It has been proven successful in healing phobias, anxiety, stress, PTSD, fear, pain, cravings addictions, insomnia and weight issues.

Please see these short videos for more information:

Keywords: healing

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