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By: Realize Your Visions  09-12-2011

The blessing of houses is an ancient tradition practised by diverse cultures and religions and is usually carried out by a spiritual leader.

However, I want to empower you with knowledge so you can "bless" your own home and/or business. The act of blessing your house or business is a prayer of gratitude and a request for protection for all who dwell within.

In 5 one-on-one training sessions, I will put the knowledge into your hands - so you will know all you need to know to bless your home and/or business.  You hold the key to your abundance.

Training Sessions Include:

Session 1:   Intuitive Consultation - Assessing the Situation

Session 2:   Understanding the Intention of a Blessing - the Why

Session 3:   Tools/Rituals of a Blessings - the What

Session 4:   Connecting to a Higher Consciousness - the Who

Session 5:   Step-by-Step Blessing Procedure - the How

BONUS:      A mini blessing of the entrance of your home by Rev. Ophelia 

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