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By: Realize Your Visions  09-12-2011
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The Living D.I.V.I.N.E. ® program, helps you to have the courage to go through your and heal your child hood wounds.  You will begin to understand on a deep profound level why you have lived the life you have lived in the way you have lived it.

When we start to understand the cause and effect between what happened to us as a child has had and is having an effect on us as an adult, that we can truly begin to forgive and heal ourseves and become our authentic selves.

True love starts by first loving ourselves and healing our inner child.

The Living D.I.V.I.N.E. ® program is not therapy it is metaphysical healing and spiritual life coaching training based on deeply connecting you to a Divine as He/She will guide us intuitively how to heal your inner child. 
The Living D.I.V.I.N.E. ®  spiritual  coaching program  is a process by which the practitioner (coach) guides the client down a path so that he/she can have a conversation with the Divine - to discover how to handle the challenges of daily life and to have a healthy relationship with themselves and with others.

The Living D.I.V.I.N.E. ®  program is a client-focused service where an individual or couple is assumed to be emotionally healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance from a trained expert (a coach).

The coach guides and supports the client as they deal with relationship-related and/or individual related – either maintaining a relationship or starting a new one.

In our sessions, we may touch on past/child hood issues - only to have a reference put, but unlike therapy, which  focuses on healing wound originated in early childhood, spiritual coaching uses metaphysical principles to deal with current actions and future results.

If not already none, what the reasons are for the challenges, fears and setbacks, we will discover it through meditative training and energy healing during our coaching session.  We will never focus on it, as the foundation of coaching, is  to find ways to breakthrough these emotional barriers and realize, by first-hand experience, that these barriers and fears and often – if not always – imaginary and self-imposed.

Coaching is all about the creating a future of joy!

To put it simply, this program is a way to find out who you really meant to be in this world - this is called your authentic path. A path that has always been available to us - we just may not of known it! 

Read Dawn's Story and discover what Spiritual coaching can do for you..

"What  can I say about Ophelia! What I will say comes truly from the heart! Ophelia has worked with me for the last 11 months. During that time she has become a source of strength from which I could draw during times of uncertainty and chaos.

Ophelia's coaching/healing style is quite unique!

She is a no nonsense professional bringing a sense of compassion and warmth to each person yet won't allow her clients to wallow in victimhood. She knows that each one of us is powerful in our own right and she uses that viewpoint to bring you to a place of remembrance of this fact. In doing so you are able to build the framework and foundation required to be a influential and strong individual in your own life!

From where I stand today and to look back at who I was a mere 11 months ago brings a feeling of astonishment! The growth and the new perspective gained from working with Ophelia as a client is priceless!

If you are looking for clarity, power, a strong sense of self and the ability to walk through your life strong and on purpose knowing you have a unique place in the world then I strongly suggest working with Coach Ophelia!"    Dawn G. (46), Ontario, Canada

 The program involves, getting in touch with your DIVINE - in what ever form that works for you.

INVITING Spirit into your daily life and space.

Creating a VISION for your life based on your daily communication with Spirit.

Learning to trust and live by your INTUITION as it guides in being your healed authentic self.

Seeking ways to NURTURE your mind, body and spirit that is right for you and brings you healing, safety and comfort.

And finding ways to EVOLVE yourself as new knowledge is discovered.

The Living D.I.V.I.N.E. ® program is all about letting go of the judgement, the shame, the fear and blame – and putting the power back in the wounded child with the mind of an adult. The program is about rescuing and nurturing the inner child as you now merge the new child into your adult self.

You will be taught how to wholly love yourself from the inside out. Together, we will address and fine-tune your innate skills. By first loving yourself, your mind, heart and spirit will be in perfect harmony. You will discover that as you open up your heart to self-love, it will expand and burst forth with an even greater love for all.

Allow me to give you the tools.

All that is required of you is commitment and practice, practice, practice.

In turn, I will work with you―both men and women―individually and/or as a couple. My coaching style is intimate and private. Give yourself the gift that you richly deserve: self-love. In first loving yourself, you will discover that all of your relationships will reap the rewards.

Keywords: Coaching, Life Coaching

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