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By: Primetime Custom  09-12-2011
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Screen printing is in fact the foundation of Primetime Marketing's existence. Beginning as a small 2-person screen printing shop in the late '80's, Primetime Marketing (then only known as Saxby Screenprint Inc.) now enjoys the productivity of 4 screen printing presses and the capacity to handle tens of thousands of prints per month.

Screen printing is the printing of ink directly on a garment, binder, or other printable item. Primetime specifically specializes in the screen printing of textiles and apparel. Pricing is based on the number of colours in the design, and the number of items being printed.

Things most often printed: T-shirts, sweatshirts, girly-T's, shorts, sweat pants, bags, binders, etc.

Things usually not printed on: thermal fleece, jackets, golf shirts, dress shirts, hats, sweaters, etc.

Myth: ".. screen printing will crack and fall off of the shirt.."

Truth: The plastisol ink Primetime uses for screen printing should in fact outlive the garment itself in most cases. When properly cured (dried), the ink polymerizes to become solidified plastic bonded to the garment. So long as proper washing instructions (per the garments label) are followed, there should be no problems with the print cracking, dissolving, or peeling.

Embroidery is the stitching of a logo or design directly into the fabric of a garment or textile. Pricing is based on the number of stitches in a design (affected by surface area, and detail/complexity of the design), and on the number of items being embroidered.

Primetime Marketing is well-equipped for high-capacity embroidery with multiple embroidery machines, some incorporating multiple heads and the ability to embroider the same design on multiple garments at the same time. This process is performed both in-house and at the manufacturer level, depending on which scenario will offer the client the best value and quality in the end product.

Things most often embroidered: golf shirts, dress shirts, hats, jackets, hoodies, warm-ups, etc.

Things usually not embroidered: T-shirts, girly-T's, running shorts, mesh uniforms, etc.

Myth: ".. custom-embroidery is super-expensive.."

Truth: We can produce custom-embroidered golf shirts for under $17.00 each, at only 36 pieces. That includes the golf shirt, and the embroidery of up to 6500 stitches!

Twill applique is the application (via sewing or embroidery) of twill fabric letters or logos directly onto the garment.

This is the most expensive method of decorating a garment, although often also carries with it the highest perception of value.

Most commonly, twill lettering is used on varsity basketball jerseys, rugby jerseys, and hoodies. Twill is priced by the number of letters per design, the number of colours per design, and the number of garments being customized.

Twill applique is a very specialized service, and may require added production time. However, the final product always leaves the client smiling, and is worth the money and the wait.

There are many methods of customizing the vast array of products which are available through Primetime Marketing. Given all the different media (plastic, steel, wood, vinyl, cloth, etc), shapes (flat, round, spherical, etc), and effects (raised, debossed, engraved, etched, printed, embroidered, heat-sealed, hot-stamped, etc) it would be impossible for a single company to customize absolutely everything in-house.

This is when industry knowledge becomes especially important. Communicating with each manufacturer about all of these various means of customizing, on all of the various media and products that are available that's what we do every day. And mak ing it as simple as possible for you to get your logo on the items you want is our goal.

If you have any questions about any of the processes involved in producing your self-promotional items, we encourage you to ask them and learn more about our industry and what we do. And if we don't have the answer for you, we'll be happy to learn it and pass it on.

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Keywords: Embroidery, garment, golf shirts, Screen Printing