Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

Stop Smoking Laser Therapy from Omega Laser Therapy

By: Omega Laser Therapy  04-11-2010
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he Program consists of *Counselling, *Laser Treatment, *Vitamin therapy and Back up Support.

Combine this procedure with a true "Desire to Stop" and you're on the road to success and getting rid of smoking.

For many people it is love at first puff. Cigarettes contain 4,000+ deadly toxins including nicotine. A nicotine "high" reaches the brain within seven seconds.

Nicotine, when first ingested, causes a person to feel awake and alert, shortly after that person feels calm and relaxed. This is due to an elevation in endorphins, which are the body's natural pain reduction and pleasure chemicals that are produced in the brain. After time, more and more nicotine is needed to achieve the same pleasurable feeling, leaving the smoker addicted.

The usage of this narcotic creates a roller coaster effect in your system that is very hard to break free from. Once you are a habitual smoker, your mind and body develop a physical dependence for nicotine. Smoking excites your body's pleasure chemicals, endorphins, and puts them into high gear. This makes you feel very good - until your body summons you to replenish the depletion of nicotine in your system. So you smoke again, and again, and again. It is a vicious cycle that never stops until you quit smoking for good.

Laser therapy treatment works to stimulate the release of endorphins in a healthy way mimicking similar endorphin rush caused by nicotine. The laser helps to balance the body without harmful effects.

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