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By: Molecular Mining  09-12-2011

To ensure that the Blu-ray Disc format is easily extendable (future-proof) it also includes support for multi-layer discs, which should allow the storage capacity to be increased to 100GB-200GB (25GB per layer) in the future simply by adding more layers to the discs

Over 9 hours of high-definition (HD) video on a 50GB disc.
About 23 hours of standard-definition (SD) video on a 50GB disc.
If you were putting text documents on here it would be a mind boggleing amount. You can also be sure that the amount of information on these disks is going to keep rising . There is no doubt that we will be talking TB of data the in the future.  Based on the human species holding it all together and becoming aware of the evolution of the evolution of thought and getting affairs on planet Earth in order.

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