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By: Mdt  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineers, Instrumentation Company, Geotechnical Applications

About Mine Design Technologies Inc. (MDT)

MDT is an instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. Our patented SMART products have been designed to survive the rigours of geotechnical and mining environments while maintaining a low cost and ease of installation. Designed by engineers for engineers, our instruments get the job done without breaking the bank.

Keywords: Engineers, Geotechnical Applications, Instrumentation Company,

Other products and services from Mdt


SMART Cable Bolt | Mine Design Technologies Inc

By combining the support capabilities of a standard 7-strand cable bolt with a miniature 6-wire extensometer, the SMART (Stretch Measurement to Assess Reinforcement Tension) Cable was born. The stretch in the cable is determined via the integrated six-point extensometer, allowing the strain between the anchor points to be calculated.


Instrumentation | Mine Design Technologies Inc

Complete with 10 anchor locations, our Sloughmeters are custom-manufactured to any length and configuration required by our customers. Things like monitoring the cave around a stope, or the collapse around an orepass. Sloughmeters are used in places where some caving or “sloughing” is expected. Our sloughmeters use solid anchors which bond with the grout in the borehole. Any ground failure will take the anchor with it.