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By: Malroz Engineering  09-12-2011

Hydrogeology forms a cornerstone of Malroz’s expertise. Our staff have conducted hundreds of contaminated groundwater studies. From program conception to implementation and project management, Malroz has addressed our clients’ needs for managing and remediating groundwater problems. We have experience with a large range of contaminants, from common pollutants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, metals, coal tar, PCBs, salt, to more specialized chemicals such as glycol, dioxane, phenols, and biphenyls. Our clientele include manufacturers, government agencies, utility companies, insurers, banks, lawyers, consultants, special interest groups, and developers.

Our remediation experience includes:

  • Monitored Natural Attenuation
  • Bioremediation
  • Phytoremediation
  • Pump and Treat
  • Engineered Barriers
  • Risk Assessments

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Approvals, Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Sewage Works Malroz was retained to undertake field testing and prepare an application for a novel technology for a sewage works approval on behalf of a client who operated a seasonal resort in Eastern Ontario. Malroz conducts a number of compliance monitoring programs for our clients to provide them with the peace of mind that licensing requirements are being properly undertaken on a timely basis.


Brownfields - Malroz Engineering Inc

A Brownfield site is defined as an abandoned, idled, or underused industrial or commercial facility where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. Recent legislation in both the U.S. and Canada, has provided the framework in which these brownfield sites can be put back to constructive use.


Groundwater Management Studies - Malroz Engineering Inc

These groundwater management studies, as they are referred to, define the physical and chemical characteristics of the aquifers a municipal well field would draw from, identify the source of municipal water, and develop strategies to protect these waters from contamination. In the late 1990’s the Ontario government embarked on a program aimed at understanding and protecting aquifers.


Remediation - Malroz Engineering Inc

Experience has proven that a properly conducted characterization combined with a well executed remediation plan can amount to large savings for property owners. Malroz is a leader in site remediation utilizing both innovative technologies as well as more conventional technologies to meet our clients’ objectives.