Yagi build « Musings of a Canadian

By: Imboden  09-12-2011

Yagi build « Musings of a Canadian

So I have gotten the start on the antenna I talked about earlier today.

I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up a 10 foot long PVC pipe for $16 after tax.  This is just a standard one inch diameter pipe, white in colour.  If you get lost in Home Depot like I do, find the plumbing section.  It should be in there.  Otherwise, look for the orange aprons and ask someone.

Until then.

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Next steps is for me to locate a full time General Practitioner, and he is referring me to the local diabetes clinic, I should hear back in a week. No one has offered prescription for a glucose meter, test strips, anything to monitor whats going on with this condition. They have some sort of chemistry dipstick that they stick in there, and it comes back positive for sugar in the urine.