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By: Imboden  09-12-2011

Uncategorized « Musings of a Canadian

Recently I’ve been diagnosed as being diabetic. There seems to be some sort of hurdle to try and get treatment for the condition. A timeline to see what has been going on…

6 Jan 2011 – Seen by doctor for MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) medical so I can start working to getting my AZ license (drive 18-wheelers). During this basic medical, I am asked to provide a urine sample. They have some sort of chemistry dipstick that they stick in there, and it comes back positive for sugar in the urine. He promptly sends me off for blood work.

12 Jan 2011 – I get the call saying the blood work is back. Fasting glucose is 8.5, 2hr post meal is 10.something. HbA1C is also high, no number given. Diagnosis: Diabetes. No type is mentioned. Next steps is for me to locate a full time General Practitioner (GP), and he is referring me to the local diabetes clinic, I should hear back in a week.

18 Jan 2011 – Locate GP that is accepting new patients, and apointment set up for 20 Jan

19 Jan 2011 – Still no call from the diabetes clinic. I contact the office of the diagnosing physician; they will follow up with the clinic. Also have them fax over copy of reports to GP.

20 Jan 2011 – Meet new GP. Review medical history, all the standard stuff for new physician relationship. He reviews reports from the diagnosing physician, and still sends me on for blood work and urine sample. Next steps will be taken from there.

Trough all of this, no one has stated what I need to be doing, beyond changing eating habits. No one has offered prescription for a glucose meter, test strips, anything to monitor whats going on with this condition.

Should I go out and purchase a meter myself at this point and start testing, at least in the AM? (My benefits company doesn’t cover meters themselves, but will cover test strips, lancets, etc, but need prescription from a doctor, and must be fulfilled by pharmacist) I am looking to get the Bayer Contour USB. I know one local pharmacy has it.

Am I wrong to feel this frustration? Anything else I should be doing?

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