Substainsable bamboo products

Substainsable bamboo products from GreenLeaf Bamboo

By: GreenLeaf Bamboo   16-10-2010
Keywords: bamboo, Cork Flooring, Bamboo Countertop

We are one of the leading supplier of bamboo products accross Canada.
Greenleaf's manufacturer is one of the largest in China, and was established in 1979. They are located in the province of Zhejiang, known as the "Village of China Bamboo".Bamboo used in Greenleaf flooring is of the phyllostachys pubescens species, (commonly named Mao, Moso, or Nan) which has the best fibers for flooring applications. It is harvested only after reaching 5 years of maturity. Only "A" grade bamboo is used in Greenleaf flooring providing uniform colour and a solid structure with less voids and defects. Ultra low VOC E1 adhesives and aqueous coatings are used. Greenleaf bamboo flooring is prefinished with 7 layers of Treffert coatings and UV cured.

Keywords: bamboo, Bamboo Countertop, Bamboo Kitchen Cabinettry, Cork Flooring,