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By: Green Space Design  09-12-2011
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green space design works with homeowners, decorators and contractors to provide continuity, high quality, eco-friendly solutions for home, business and building renovation projects inside and out.

Focus is on the sourcing and use of products and services that lighten the impact on the earth and improve health and well being, a part of the "green" in green space design. A wide array of environmentally responsible products including non-toxic paints and wall finishes, eco-friendly home furnishings, flooring, countertops, water saving devices, and energy efficient systems are highlighted.

green space design incorporates practical common sense and cost-consciousness to resolve and improve existing spaces with guidance and adherence to the personal style of the client, in a logical, innovative and timely fashion. The list of "green" products are growing exponentially by the day!

green space design offers consultation with design and implementation of required repair or renovation both indoors and out as well as coordinating and supervising subcontractors. With leading edge interior and exterior design, a firm understanding of budget and project management, and having worked with a diverse clientele here and overseas, Merri Corrigall can transform a property with potential, into an immaculate home to suit or to sell.

About Design

"When renovating, evaluating or establishing a new facility, working with an Interior Designer is one of the best investments a client or owner can make.

Interior Designers can help realize clients' goals and make the interior environment effective, attractive and profitable. They also ensure that the design complies with all regulatory and legal requirements and that the lives, health, safety and welfare of the occupants are protected." ARIDO

Exterior Design is usually done by Landscape Designers or Architects, not Landscape Contractors.

"Great Landscapes start with trained Landscape Designers who create a well-managed balance between creativity and practical problem solving knowledge. A Landscape Designer can bring both to your project. They have the expertise to fill several roles in the landscape design, planting and construction process, and work independently and can be especially important in the landscape construction process." Landscape Ontario

This integration of design for the inside and out is illustrated in many new TV shows. Recent excerpts show the popularity and demand in Ontario for Decorating Outdoors.. The result is a sumptuous outdoor sanctuary that's wall to wall green - an ideal secret hideaway within the city. The results are sleek and sophisticated outdoor rooms that perfectly echo the home's interior and can also be Eco-Friendly.

Surely, this is the evolution of design, the total personally designed environment!


green space design offers design services for those who wish to use the outdoor pallet to transition the flow from indoors to outside. This also includes cottages and high rise spaces. However, during a recession people stay put and "make do" with what they have and renovations flourish. Until the Ontario Building Code changes, even small jobs demand a Building Permit and therefore even a simple floor plan and elevations are required for typical services such as:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms - Latest modern, traditional or custom design and installation using your choice of materials; eco-friendly available too!
  • Home Office - Revamp to incorporate a home based business, contract or part time work from home.
  • Granny Flats - more seniors want their independence, be close to family without being underfoot or incur the expense of a "retirement home".
  • Basement Apartments - are now legislated by law and are an acceptable way for middle-class families to help pay for their mortgage, or for teenagers or offspring returning home to live.
  • Physically Challenged - wheel chair use of the elderly or accident victims without moving away.
  • Home Renovations, INDOORS and OUT - everyday people are able to obtain entire house and site plans and layouts in full colour with furniture and unlimited 3-Dimensional perspectives of interior and exterior points of view.

All work will promote a whole-building approach to sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. For example a pervious driveway system reducing storm water runoff and expensive annual maintenance. This innovative product and others are now available from green space design to the Kingston and Area market.

Keywords: Green Space Design