Automated Glass Scoring and Breaking

By: Dynamic Machine Design  04-06-2010
Keywords: Design, Conveyors, Automation

Our automated glass scoring and breaking equipment will:

  • Eliminates the requirement for hand breaking of glass.
  • Maintains the scoring wheel perfectly perpendicular with glass surface.
  • Maintains constant scoring pressure and speed.
  • Scores and breaks glass in one compact machine. 
  • Breaks the glass immediately after scoring making the breaks of a much higher quality.
  • Breaks and scores with far superior speed, accuracy and consistency than is possible with manual processes.
  • Automatically adjusts for glass thickness.
  • Scores a new blank while the previously and freshly scored blank is being broken. 
  • Drastically reduces the required skill level of the operator.
  • Provides a complete process from original glass blank to stacked tiles.
  • Can be equipped with an integrated blank loader and palletizer.
  • Has an unlimited number of tile sizes available on one machine.
  • Greatly reduces the labor requirements.
  • Significantly increases throughput.
  • Produces far less losses and waste.
  • Requires less floor space than a manual process.
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