Groups / Parties - Boiler Room

By: Climbing Gym  09-12-2011

Come and experience the thrill of indoor wall climbing. Bring your group to the Boiler Room for a unique and rewarding adventure.

The Boiler Room is a great place for group experiences. Whether it's a birthday party, a youth group, a school group, your work colleagues, or just a bunch of friends, you're sure to have a good time. Teamwork, communication, trust, strategy, problem solving, challenge and most of all… FUN. Climbing is a highly interactive and social activity that helps people of all ages build confidence in themselves and others in their group.

If the participants in your group are age 14 or older, they're eligible to take our Basic Safety Training Lesson. We'll teach them how to tie the safety knots, how to manage the safety ropes (called "belaying"), and basic climbing technique.

If the participants in your group are younger than 14, we ask that you bring at least one adult (or person over the age of 14) for every 4 climbers in your group. We'll teach the adults proper safety and belaying technique: how to tie the knots and manage the safety ropes.

There is no charge for those who are belaying only and not climbing, however, the number of belayers cannot exceed the number of paying climbers.

To book your group, phone the gym at 613-549-0520. If you get the answering machine, leave us your name and number and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Private Lessons & Climbing Courses

If it's your first visit to the gym, we'll include equipment rentals (harness, climbing shoes and chalk bag) free of charge. Admission is included with the cost of the lesson so you can stay and climb as long as you like after your lesson is done. Two hour private lessons are the best way to get started or to improve your technique. Choose between our private Introduction to Climbing Lesson or our Technique Lesson.


Adult Programs - Boiler Room

Gym members who complete all five sessions will be invited to route setting sessions at the gym where they can design their own routes under the staff's supervision. Sessions 4 and 5 are practical sessions where participants apply the skills they learned, and recieve instant feedback on the routes they are desiging.