Adult Programs - Boiler Room

By: Climbing Gym  09-12-2011

Adult Rock Solid

An eight week program targeted at climbers wnting to improve thier skills. Topics covered in the course include safety,   body positioning, conserving energy, workout routines, and more. This is a great way to get introduced to a new sport, and meet other people interested in climbing. Participants receive discounts on memberships.

Route Setting Course

A five session course intended for gym members interested in setting routes at the gym. The course is divided into three main parts:

Session 1 covers basic safely topics. Learn how to tie off and ascend a rope, the proper technique of removing and installing holds, cleaning holds.

Sessions 2 and 3 cover the theory behind route setting. Learn the different moves involved in climbing, what holds can be used for each type of movement, how to target a specific grade, how to force a move.

Sessions 4 and 5 are practical sessions where participants apply the skills they learned, and recieve instant feedback on the routes they are desiging.

Gym members who complete all five sessions will be invited to route setting sessions at the gym where they can design their own routes under the staff's supervision.

Other products and services from Climbing Gym


Private Lessons & Climbing Courses

If it's your first visit to the gym, we'll include equipment rentals (harness, climbing shoes and chalk bag) free of charge. Admission is included with the cost of the lesson so you can stay and climb as long as you like after your lesson is done. Two hour private lessons are the best way to get started or to improve your technique. Choose between our private Introduction to Climbing Lesson or our Technique Lesson.


Groups / Parties - Boiler Room

If the participants in your group are younger than 14, we ask that you bring at least one adult (or person over the age of 14) for every 4 climbers in your group. There is no charge for those who are belaying only and not climbing, however, the number of belayers cannot exceed the number of paying climbers.