Capsule Prod fictions

By: Capsule Prod  09-12-2011

Directed by : Samia McFee 

(8 min. 38 sec.; color; French with English subtitles; HD; 2009)

While ready to throw himself into the water, a man hears the voice of a child ask him naively

"What are you doing?". Next to him, from nowhere, he finds a little girl dressed as a ladybug

waiting for his response. This begins a frenetic and surreal night through the streets of Montreal.

With Charlotte Côté-Cantin, Rénald Laurin, Anthony Vénisse.


Directed by : Samia McFee 

(2 min. 47 sec.; color; no dialogue; 16mm; 2004)

Chantal, who is a little crazy, likes to hide a lot of things in the toilet bowl. What will her boyfriend

finds when he cleans up the bowl? Flushed will give you an idea.. Colourful and surrealistic, Flushed is for children only, or for people who did not grow up yet.

With Brigitte Hébert-Carle and Alexandre Ferron.