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By: Calm Technologies  09-12-2011

Since opening its doors in 2007, CALM has remained committed to its focus on being a leader in developing biological payloads for use in microgravity research. From concept through to final mission support, the CALM team delivers the equipment and support to achieve its customers’ end goals.

Through their respective roles with CALM, and elsewhere, our team members have been a part of numerous space related programs, particularly in the biological and materials processing fields. Our expertise encompasses developing systems for both manned and unmanned space flight, and our efforts have flown on the Shuttle, MIR, and SOYUZ.

Our quality systems are in line with the strict requirements of spaceflight, and our broad experience dealing with both the engineering and biology aspects of cell culture in closed systems is comprehensive.

CALM has been directly responsible for the successful and delivery of the eOSTEO payload, its support through a two week mission aboard the FOTON capsule, and most recently, the development of new technologies for the next generation of cell and tissue engineering platforms, CCAP.

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Our in house prototyping capabilities and quick turnarounds make us ideally suited to assist with your next custom development program, whether it is small scale proof of concepts, or full scale manufacturing. With an eye to helping our customers achieve their own efficiency and quality goals, we can also assist in helping you to define the requirements of your processes or custom systems.