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By: Back-On-Track Physical Therapy & Osteopathy  21-03-2012
Keywords: neck pain, low back pain, sports injury

The majority of people that seek out care here seek care because they may have not found relief elsewhere. Having said that, the practice is not looking to sign people up for a life-time of care, but to obtain results so that you can return to a specific sporting activity without pain or simply get about in your day to day activities without discomfort. As with any health-care practitioner, one should see some kind of tangible, not temporary result in 2-3 visits.
An osteopathic manual practitioner utiliyzes their extensive knowledge of anatomy combined with very precise palpation to assess motion. Each tissue of the body moves in a very specific way and if any part of the body becomes altered by surgery, birth, infection, physical or emotional trauma it will compensate by changing its motion. These new motions then may then become dysfunctional patterns that may cause pain.
The practice osteopathy often involves "thinking outside the box"- looking for the cause of discomfort and pain rather than chasing it around. The practitioner may use many tools and techniques to treat a particular problem and comes with a rather large tool box. Some of these tools may include myofascial, cranial, osteoarticular(joint), visceral or biodynamic approaches all depending upon the evaluation of the individual. Specific stretching and strengthening exercises are also used to both integrate treatment and allow the individual to assist in self-management of their condition. Most extended health care plans cover all or part of the cost of osteopathic treatment including Great West, Sunlife, Empire Life, Blue Cross and many others. Many plans vary from employer t employer so please check your individual policy. For information on the practice of osteopathy in the province of Ontario please check www.osteopathyontario.org/

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